miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013

Forecast game Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers

Before de our bad tips in this week, this night we bet to Lebron James and his team in thevgame verus Sixers.
The cuote is 1.23 and our stake is the of 20€.
Miami is in the most sweet moment of the year, with a streak of 19 wins.
Sixers is in bad moment with last ten od 2-8.
In the last games miami show very good actuations of her stars( ray allen, chris bosch, dwane wade and lebron james) and very solid defensive play of shane battier, udonis haslem,...

我们提示的不景气后,今晚我们将得到​​勒布朗 - 詹姆斯和有限公司,参观了七六人的手中。

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