domingo, 24 de marzo de 2013

Forecast game San Antonio Spurs Vs Houston Rockets

Our tip tonight is for bet to win Spurs over Rockets in Compaq Center.
The coute is 1'88 and our stake is 5€.
The Spurs have been played very good without they star player Tony Parker.
Parker returns is a good new to San Antonio team for the visit to James Harden team.
The coute is high for de home factor and the good last ten of Houston(7-3).
Our opinion the team formed by parker, ginobili, duncan, splitter, steven jackson, is the most regular team of western conference. His regularity is only comparable with Miami Heat.

马刺队已经打得非常好,没有他们的明星球员托尼 - 帕克。
帕克的回报是一个很好的新的圣安东尼奥队的詹姆斯 - 哈登队访问。
我们认为,上述团队由帕克,吉诺比利,邓肯,分离器,史蒂芬 - 杰克逊,是西部最经常的团队。他的规律是与迈阿密热火队。

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